The Circular Costume Design project is a collaboration of material scientists, costume researchers and practitioners committed to developing circular costume design models. The long-term aim of the Circular Costume Design project is to empower costume departments to work sustainably within the system of film studios and film productions.

Digitization, sustainability and product circularity are the

three major trends changing the textile and clothing industry (Schumann A. et al., 2021). Costume design will also be

affected by these developments.

The global film and television industry has substantial impact on the environment -- one big budget movie (over $US 70 million) is estimated to produce 2,840 tonnes of CO2e (Albert et al., 2020). While there are indications that the sector is interested in “going green,” it has yet to invest in the long-term, systemic changes needed to achieve circular production.

Sustainable materials and making methods for costume design are important to us. We are committed to helping change this beautiful craft and believe designing costumes should be safe for you and the environment. Our aim is to involve costume designers and makers early in the development of new biomaterials products and working processes. Together we will find the best solutions for how to incorporate sustainability in our daily practice.


Circularity in the case of costume design refers to the development of frameworks in the triangle of environmental, economic and social practices of a film or stage production.  Circular processes enable costume departments to design out waste and pollution in the making and use of costumes, and to keep existing costumes and materials in use by adding new value to reuse and sharing (Ellen MacArthur, 2021). Circular processes increase transparency and interconnectedness through the production chain of costumes between different departments (Matthes A. et al., 2021).


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